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Kingdoms of Middle Earth


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The White City of Minas Tirith, Captial of Gondor

Welcome to Gondor!  We are pleased to welcome you to the White City.  While you're here, visit the Throne Room, the Ranger's Headquarters, and the Hall of Justice.

Promotions and Rank
Trainee:  Just starting out.  Submit a bio.
Private:  Must have completed ten days and one roleplay of at least twenty total posts.
Tower Guard/Soldier of Dol Amroth:  Must have completed twenty total days and two roleplays of at least twenty total posts
Sergeant of Guard/Sergeant of Dol Amroth:  Must have completed thirty total days and three roleplays, the two previously mentioned, and one of at least thirty total posts.
Ranger:  Must have completed fifty total days and four roleplays, the three previously mentioned, and one of at least fifty total posts. 
Captain:  Must have completed Sixty total days, and five roleplays, the four previously mentioned, and one of at least seventy-five total posts, must have approval from the forum moderator for this rank.
This is a building program.  Please submit all requests for promotion to the forum moderator.  To reach the rank of Captain, all of your five roleplays must be complete.  If you feel that the Moderator did not consider your application properly due to favouritism or other prejudice, you may email the Admins with links to your qualifying posts and your side of the story.  All decisions by Admin will be final.


The White City

Your Moderator is Hoyamir.  You may reach him at